The UtilliCX product.

Like utility programs and services, your customers' bill payment should be just as reliable and efficient.

A utility’s choice for bill payment.

Make payments personal.

We provide your customers with all the self-service tools they need, all in one place. Bill payment happens at the touch of a button, with options to pay via computer, mobile phone, and even Alexa, and with alerts and direct links to pay bills, utilities can capture customer payments anywhere, and anytime.

Bring the cha-ching.

UtilliCX is a secure platform giving utilities and their customers worry-free bill payment and account management. Customers have the ability to pay their bills online or on a mobile app, making for happier, more informed customers. 

Designed for everyone.

Our customer focused platform is available online and as a mobile app, providing your customers with easy to access, and effortless bill payment with personalized account access. Throughout implementation, our team promises to deliver the best digital bill payment experience among utility providers.

Build relationships, build loyalty.

Our platform is designed to build trust and help you discover new opportunities to connect with customers. With full integration of usage, bill payment, outage reporting, and communications UtilliCX helps your utility exceed customer expectations.

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The UtilliCX dashboard

In a single dashboard, utility customers can access payment history and consumption reports.

Customers make payments, and access payment history and consumption in a single dashboard.

Your customer’s account management starts with transparency and access to instant information on payments and usage in real-time.

Dashboards provide quick links to reports and interactive graphs.

With UtilliCX every customer has access to a personal dashboard showing monthly costs and usage. 

Compare consumption over previous months (or years).

Customers can compare consumption over periods of time and make more informed decisions about future payments.

The UtilliCX Solution

Utility staff and customers deserve simple bill payment and easy to access information on payment history and consumption reports. Our UtilliCX platform offers over 250+ real-time features and 140+ real-time adapters for backend integration with: SAP, Oracle, JDEdwards, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Salesforce, Shopify, Zuora, and more.


We offer extensive
features and capabilities that are continuously enhanced.

UtilliCX is ready off the shelf with
many functionalities and new
releases throughout
the year.


We deliver real-time access to information on a
unified platform.

The modern utility customer demands mobile bill payment and UtilliCX offers an app and online portal for making payments, viewing payment history, and checking consumption trends.


We design a safe, secure, and compliant platform where customers come first.

UtilliCX employs a combination of encryption and tokenization to secure data in a PCI DSS 2.0 compliant environment at SSAE16 SOC2 data centers.

Ready to do more with your bill payment?

UtilliCX is the unified platform that utilities and their customers rely on for paying bills, viewing consumption reports, and managing requests for service when engaging in utility customer programs. 

Mobile App and Website Portal

Integrated Payment Processsing


Connected to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

Smart Home Device Integration

Pay Bills by Text, IVR, or Chatbot

Multi-Channel Alerts and Notifications

We don’t stop with bill payment. 

With Utilli, you are guaranteed to be part of a growing network of utilities enhancing the services available with the platform. Utilli integrates bill payment, customer communications, benchmarking and consumption reporting, and much, much more. 

Energy Efficiency Benchmarking

Provide details on usage, tracking customer’s benchmark performance over time and across multiple properties.

Scheduled Customer Communications

Target recipients of your communications using Boolean operators to filter by user or account attributes.

Real-Time Utility Consumption Data

Integrate usage tracking and bill payment with easy, seamless data reporting and user log-ins.

Integration with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

Give customers a direct connection with Portfolio Manager, a tool to help building owners track and manage energy usage.

Charitable Giving and Automatic Donations

Allow customers to opt-in to charitable giving by allocating a set amount given with each utility bill.

Notifications and Service Updates

Spend less time setting up email communications and think more
about customer engagement.

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The only bill payment platform designed for utilities and their customers.

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