Utilli presents UtilliCX: the next-level 
customer engagement and bill payment solution for your utility.


Meet your customers where they are with a
real-time, user-friendly payment platform.

360 degrees of bill payment.

Designed to work with existing data systems, UtilliCX makes it easier and faster to get started.

Secure, fast, and reliable.

Utilli offers customers a sleek, modern bill payment and presentment platform, ready off-the-shelf for seamless implementation.

Trusted, world-class experience.

Offering on-the-go processing, Utilli is a dedicated payment partner, with PCI/DSS compliance for worry-free transactions and more efficient utility bill presentment and payment.

Real-time customer solutions.

Every transaction is accessible at the touch of a button, with a record of each scheduled, due, or completed payment available in real-time.

The Utilli team works for you.


Take Charge Now

Contact us today to learn how our software integrates with existing systems, letting you get started effortlessly and with no interruption in service.


Make Customers Smile

Empower customers with the self-service tools they need to take charge of their payments, bringing you happier customers with each billing cycle.


Grow Your Impact

Collect payments instantly and efficiently, letting you spend more time with customers to enhance service offerings and improve relationships for the long-haul.

Our customers.

We are proud to work with the nation’s top utilities.

In the News:

NACo Recognizes Howard County for UtilliCX Mobile Billing Application.
National Association of Counties (NACo) awarded seven 2019 Achievement Awards to Howard County to honor innovative, effective government programs that strengthen services for residents.

We Help Utilities Do More. 

Our valued customers share their experiences with UtilliCX.

“Prior to Utilli products we had a blind payment system through a 3rd party payment platform. Our customers had to have their paper bills on them and provide account and banking information to make each payment. Now they love it because they can view their consumption and payment history on an app, and make a payment using a single login by going online themselves.”

Brenna Púnte-Pinos
Chief Bureau of Water/Sewer & Misc. Revenue, Howard County Department of Finance

“Our customers were looking for more. Property managers in particular wanted aggregated data to understand payments and consumption trends and they didn’t like waiting for us to fulfill a data or report request manually. It’s much more streamlined for everyone and now, no one’s beholden to our office hours.”

Anthony Murdock
Customer Service Director, Washington Gas

“The Utilli team is great. We’ve created a relationship where they understand what I’m saying so that we can implement the solution we need.”

Brenna Púnte-Pinos
Chief Bureau of Water/Sewer & Misc. Revenue, Howard County Department of Finance

“Customers expect to be able to login to do what they need to do without having to memorize any additional information. With Utilli they just need a login and their credit card and can view bills and make payments with just one click.”

Anthony Murdock
Customer Service Director, Washington Gas

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The only bill payment platform designed for utilities and their customers.

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